We Specialize In

  • Fulltime On-Site Supervision
  • Value Assessment And Cost Estimations
  • Correspondence Coordination
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Constructability Assessment
  • Procurement Administration
  • Schedule Planning And Tracking
  • Contract Management And Administration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Financial And Progress Reporting
  • Issue Avoidance And Dispute Resolution
  • Change Order Management
  • Contract Closeout Appraisal



  • Comprehensive assessment of project requirements
  • Development of a detailed project feasibility study report
  • Drafting of the project design brief
  • Establishment of project control structures
  • Planning of the project organization chart
  • Scheduling of project drawings and documentation deliverables
  • Development of the construction project management master schedule plus the corresponding base line
  • Systematic review of project budget
  • Establishment of the works breakdown schedule


  • Coordination of the project design process with appointed architects and other design professionals
  • Cost management of the design process
  • Assessment of the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and its corresponding technical requirements
  • Analysis and review of submissions made by designers (drawings, cost benefit assessments, value engineering, design basis reports, etc.)
  • Follow up of the statutory project approval processes
  • Directing pre-construction meetings for progress review
  • Drafting of the project procurement plan
  • Coordination of the tendering process
  • Preparation of techno-commercial evaluation and comparative statements reports
  • Set up of the project reporting and communication structure


  • Full-time construction works supervision
  • Coordination of contractors’ samples and product data sheets approvals
  • Directing project progress in line with the Master Schedule
  • Progressive adjustment of the works breakdown schedule
  • Administration of the project contracts and subcontracts
  • Facilitation of seamless communication between project stakeholders
  • Assessment of possible project bottlenecks
  • Management of change orders in case of design adjustments
  • Development of Method Statement and QA/QC plan
  • Construction quality assurance and control
  • Project cost control
  • Conducting progressive material tests
  • Coordination and supervision of all procurement processes
  • Securing project site accordingly
  • Administration of the Environment Health and Safety (EHS) plan
  • Ensure adequate facilitation of the contractors
  • Plan and coordinate weekly progress review meetings
  • Preparation and maintenance of daily contractors’ progress reports


  • Preparation of the project defects schedule
  • Supervision of defects mitigation
  • Conducting the testing of all project facilities
  • Facilitation and collation of commissioning and test certificates, plus project O and M manuals
  • Review and certification of final bills for consultants, vendors, suppliers, and contractors
  • Development of the project close-out report
  • Collation and verification of all as-built drawings

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